Reliability Ride No. 5 (2) – Photos in Gallery

Well we finally had a Sunday when it wasn’t raining heavily at 9.00am but it was still pretty breezy (40mph) winds all morning, so rider numbers still not great, but everyone who turned out had an enjoyable ride on the rolling 50 mile circuit down to Pickworth and back via Ashwell.

First Group on the road – averaged 15.3 to 15.7mph

Geoff Stone

Ian Metcalfe

Russ Newman

Martin Lister

Tony Mendham

Mark Taylor

Second Group on the road – averaged 18.1 to 18.5mph

Simon Cocker

Paul Conneely

Crispen Bridges Webb

John Farmer

Barry Moulder

Reeece Egner

Adam Egner

Martyn Ludlam