Reliability No. 7 – Photos in Gallery

Possibly most enjoyable rides of the series so far, with only a nagging south westerley to hinder progress but it was dry and relatively warm for the time of year.

A new route went out into the Vale and along the ridge to Ab Kettleby before circling round the back of Melton into the great cycling country around Bourrough on the Hill before returning via Whissendine for 5 miles in total.

7 – 13th March 2022
GroupMilesAv Speed
Russel Newman15516.1
Carol Milne25516.1
Dave Miller25516.1
Geoff Stone25516.1
Jon Brown25516.1
Julie Clark25516.1
Mark Colclough25516.1
Martin Lister25516.1
Martin Rolbin25516.1
Simon Cocker25516.1
Ian Astley35518
Karl Baillie35518.7
Matthew Kingston-Lee35518.7
Paul Conneely35518.1