Lincolnshire Time Trials 2018 + CTT Newsletter

The December newsletter is now on the CTT website. Click on the link below to read about the rules and regulations changes made at National Council, and more…


Lincolnshire Road Riding Association promotes the county Time Trial championship events which are listed below along with all the open Time Trial events promoted in the county.

Further details can be found at the LRRA web site

 Note these are Open events as opposed to club events and as such must be entered in advance (at least 10 days) which can usually be done on line via the CTT website where more event information canbe found.

Entries for the LRRA 12 hour and 100 mile competitions require a copy of the original entry form for the event, to be sent to the Competition Secretary by the same closing date as the event itself, together with the £5.00 fee – cheque made payable to:  Lincolnshire Road Riding Association, and sent to

Bryan Hopkinson, 74 Newark Road, North Hykeham, Lincoln, LN6 8NA

Best All Rounder Competitions (LRRA events except 100m and 12 hour)

Long Distance BAR:  25m, 50m, 100m and 12 hour

Short Distance BAR:  10m, 25m, 30m and 50m

Juvenile BAR:   10m and 25m

Junior BAR:  10m, 25m and 30m

Womens BAR:  10m, 25m and 30m

Womens Long Distance BAR:  25m, 50m and 100m

Veterans BAR:  25m, 50m, 100m and 12 hour awarded on age standard time basis




Month day Date Event Start Time Location
Mar Sat 10 Scunthorpe RC 10 14:00 C10/27
Mar Sun 25 Alford Whs 25 9:00 C25/10
Mar Sat 31 Sleaford Whs Charity 10 14:00 C10/10
Apr Sun 8 Spalding CC 18 9:00 CS/5
Apr Sat 21 Barton Whs 10 14:00 C10/7
Apr Sat 28 Lincs RRA 2-Up 30km 14:00 CS/12
May Sat 5 Lincoln Whs 10 (Pre 1980 spec) & Tandems & Trikes 14:00 C10/10
May Sun 13 Bourne Wheelers 10 9:00 C10/10
May Sun 20 Lincs RRA 10 9:00 C10/9
May Sat 26 RAF 10 14:00 C10/10
May Sun 27 RAF 25 9:00 C25/22 – Sleaford/Osbournby/Donnington
Jun Sat 2 Witham Whs Open 10 Incorporating Club Championships 14:00 C10/10
Jun Sat 9 Lindsey Roads CC 10 14:00 C10/4
Jun Sun 17 Spalding CC 25 9:00 C25/35
Jun Sat 23 Sleaford Whs 15 14:00 C15/1
Jun Sun 24 Alford Whs 10 9:00 C10/9
Jun Sat 30 Witham Whs Open 25 Incorporating Club Championships 14:00 C25/22 – Sleaford/Osbournby/Donnington
Jul Sat 7 Lincoln Wheelers Charity 10 & GHS (Under 16) District Champs 14:00 C10/28
Jul Sun 8 Sleaford Wheelers 25 8:00 C25/35
Jul Sun 29 Bourne Wheelers 15 9:00 C15/1
Aug Sun 19 Lincs RRA 25 9:00 C25/2
Aug Sat 25 Barton Whs 10 14:00 C10/7
Sep Sun 2 Lincs RRA 30 9:00 C30/3 Witham Wheelers Promotion
Sep Sun 16 Bourne Wheelers 25 10:00 C25/35
Sep Sat 29 Lincoln Wheelers CC Hill Climb 14:00 CHC/1 Leadenham
Oct Sat 13 Lincoln Wheelers CC 10 (Tandems and Tricycles) 14:00 C10/17
Oct Sun 14 Lincoln Wheelers CC 25 (Tandems and Tricycles) 9:00 C25/3