Club Covid Time Trial No. 2

This weeks report, Alan East will have some photos if you have space for some.Witham Wheelers held the second of their 10 mile Time Trials on Tuesday evening, with calm dry conditions enabling most riders to improve on last weeks efforts with several personal bests being produced.Karl Baillie was again quickest on the evening just getting under 22 minutes with Stephen Hobday second in 23.55. There was a tie for third place between newcomer Matt Broad producing a very respectable 24.27 on a standard road bike and Henry Gould while Matt Kingston-Lee was only a further 3 seconds back.Louise George 27.20 stepped up by almost a minute to take top ladies spot back from Julie Clark 28.26.Jack Simpson 31.42 was quickest youth rider from Isobel Hobday 33.19

PosRiderActual Time
1Karl Baillie21:57
2Stephen Hobday23:55
3Matthew Broad24:27
4Henry Gould24:27
5Matthew Kingston-Lee24:30
6Simon Cocker25:21
7John Orridge25:26
8Adam Madge25:36
9Michael Smalley26:07
10Martin Hedley27:18
11Louise George27:20
12Gary Tudbury27:58
13Barry Gell28:15
14Julie Clark28:26
15Richard Manton28:45
16Dave Miller28:50
17Dave Herd30:26
18Jack Simpson31:42
19Vicki Saffaris33:03
20Isobel Hobday33:19
21John Scott33:44
Overall Rankings Handicap Rankings Veteran Rankings
NameTime+/-PBPtsPOSName+/-+/- PBPts POSNameVet St’d+/-Std
Karl Baillie21:57 +00:26201Vicky Safarris00:4420 1Michael Smalley29:5903:5220
Stephen Hobday23:55 +00:15192Adam Madge00:4119 2Stephen Hobday26:5803:0319
Henry Gould24:27 +01:00183Dave Herd00:3818 3Simon Cocker27:4502:2418
Matt Broad24:27PB00:48184Barry Gell00:3217 4Louise George29:3202:1217
Matthew Kingston-Lee24:30 +00:04165Karl Baillie00:2916 5Matthew Kingston-Lee26:2201:5216
Simon Cocker25:21 +00:32156Martin Hedley00:2315 6John Orridge26:4101:1515
John Orridge25:26 +00:54147Stephen Hobday00:1914 7Julie Clark28:5600:3014
Adam Madge25:36 +01:33138Louise George00:0913 8Barry Gell28:06+00:0913
Michael Smalley26:07 +01:18129Isobel Hobday00:0612 9Martin Hedley27:07+00:1112
Martin Hedley27:18 +03:011110Dave Miller+00:0011 10Dave Miller28:30+00:2011
Louise George27:20 +00:441010Matthew Kingston-Lee+00:0011 11Gary Tudbury27:17+00:4110
Gary Tudbury27:58 +01:39912Richard Manton+00:059 12Dave Herd29:20+01:069
Barry Gell28:15PB00:32813Julie Clark+00:088 13Richard Manton26:17+02:288
Julie Clark28:26 +00:08714Henry Gould+00:157 14John Scott29:59+03:457
Richard Manton28:45 +02:28615Michael Smalley+00:236 15Vicky Safarris28:52+04:116
Dave Miller28:50 +02:07516Simon Cocker+00:285       
Dave Herd30:26 +03:53417John Orridge+00:544       
Jack Simpson31:42 +03:06318Gary Tudbury+01:393       
Vicky Safarris33:03 +01:32219John Scott+02:162       
Isobel Hobday33:19 +00:03120Jack Simpson+03:061       
John Scott33:44 +04:17 21Matt Broad+24:27