Heckington Show – Go-Ride Grass Track – Photos in Gallery

Great performances by the 2 young club teams taking part in the Lincolnshire inter-club grass track champs at the Heckington show, as part of a record entry of 8 x 6 rider teams.

With good team prizes thanks to generous sponsorship from North Kesteven council every place counted and it was great to see all the youngsters fighting for every point, in what for many was their first race after only 4 weeks training on fixed wheel track bikes.

Conditions were very tough as a strong headwind down the back straight really slowed the younger riders and with an average team age of only 11 and 10 respectively it was always going to be tough competing against teams containing several 16 year olds.

After 3 rounds it was the very experienced Bourne Red team that came out on top with Witham A a very creditable 4th and Witham B enjoying the experience of competing in front of a big crowd in 8th.

A team Sprint Race Scratch Race
Joshua Lane 6th D Boys 11th C/D/E Boys
Sam Grundy 3rd D Boys 12th C/D/E Boys
Oliver Bailey 5th D Boys 5th C/D/E Boys
Amy Kolbert 1st C girls 1st C/D Girls
Ethan Squires 3rd C Boys 2nd C/D/E Boys
Billy Read 5th B Boys DNS
B team:
Oliver Wix 2nd E Boys 17th C/D/E Boys
Floss Street 4th C girls 7th C/D Girls
Francesca Rafferty 4th D girls 8th C/D Girls
Samuel Crowley 7th D Boys 18th C/D/E Boys
Isla Kolbert 3rd D girls 6th C/D Girls
Jake Taylor 7th C Boys 16th C/D/E Boys
Team Sprint
1 Bourne Red
2 Sleaford A
3 Sleaford B
4 Spalding
5 Witham A
6 Bourne Black
7 Sleaford C
8 Witham B
Final Overall
1 Bourne Red 364
2 Sleaford A 332
3 Sleaford B 260
4 Witham A 230
5 Sleaford C 170
6 Spalding 161
7 Bourne Black 150
8 Witham B 89