Reliability No. 7 – Photos in Gallery – Hardcore!

The weather forecast was depressingly accurate, rain stating at 9.00 for a couple of hours with a strong breeze from the South West made for a testing ride out to Melton Mowbray and towards Borough-on-the-Hill before turning back towards Ashwell. The rain started to ease of but at this stage everyone was wet and cold and just looking forward to a hot drink and dry clothes after approx 52 hard won miles.

First Group – av speed 16.48mph

Geoff Stone

Ian Rayson

Julie Clark

Russ Newman

Mark Taylort

Kim Flower

Second Group – av speed 18.5mph

Simon Cocker

Chris Sammler

Peter Cocker

Crispin Bridges Webb

Martyn Ludlam

Reece Egner

Paul Conneely