Reliability No. 6 (3) – Photos in Gallery

Well at least the rain stopped around 7.00 in the morning but the wind kept blowing hard from the south west but there was still a reasonable turnout of riders with 2 groups heading out towards Heckington.

A rapid ride out to Heckington but turning South we felt the full force of the wind and no one complained when everyone turned at Rippingdale to take the shorter 51 mile route.

Tacking across to Corby Glen and back via Little Ponton, all in all enjoyable ride.

First Group – 16.2 mph

Geoff Stone

Louise George

Julie Clark

Ian Rayson

Adrian Golby

Russ Newman

Mark Taylor

Ian Metcalfe

Kim Flower

Ian Astley

Tony Mendham

Phil Atherton

Second Group – 18.9 mph

Simon Cocker

Lewey Byrne

Chris Sammler

Tom Feely

Reece Egner

Adam Egner

Martyn Ludlam

John Famer

Paul Conneely