Reliability No. 3 – Photos in Gallery

30th Jan 2022
GroupMilesAv Speed
Andrea Egner13012.6
Suzanne Holdsworth13012.6
Russel Newman13012.6
Geoff Stone24616.0
Dave Miller24616.0
Julie Clark24616.0
John Farmer24616.0
Steve Kidd24616.2
Crispin Bridges-Webb24616.2
Jon Brown24616.0
Barry Moulder24616.6
Kim Flower24616.0
Carol Milne24615.6
Simon Cocker24616.0
Steve Pulinger24616.0
Chris Sammler44618.4
Adam Egner44618.4
Reece Egner44618.4
Matthew Kingston-Lee44618.4
Martyn Ludlam44618.4
Billy Reed44618.4
Paul Conneely44618.4
Karl Baillie44618.4
Martin Milne44618.4
The third Reliability route ventured out into the vale, a challenging 46 miles considering the hilly nature of the route which include the climbs of Knipton, Harby, Terrace, Woolsthorpe, Casthorpe and Swine Hills. However with everyone taking it sensibly, considering the time of year, an enjoyable ride was had by all completing the route successfully in two  groups at an average of 16.0 and 18.4mph respectively. A third group completed a 30 mile route at an average 12.6mph.
Next week Sunday 6th Feb its a slightly earlier start at 9.00am (weather permitting) from the Cricket Club on Gorse Lane, full details on the club web site, all welcome