Reliability No. 1 – Photos now in Gallery

Witham Wheelers  Reliability rides, their traditional start to the year, was delayed by a week after icy roads forced the first week to be cancelled. Conditions were better the following  week with the later start of 9.30.  With the option of 2 routes heading out on quiet roads towards Waltham and then into the Vale returning by Belvoir Castle.  Group 1 tackled a 27 mile route at an average speed of 12.5mph. With 2 group following the longer 40 mile route  averaging 15.5 and 17.5 miles respectively.
Next week Sunday 30th Jan its a slightly earlier start at 9.00am from the Cricket Club on Gorse Lane, full details on the club web site, all welcome 
16th Jan 2022
GroupMilesAv Speed
Andrea Egner12712.5
Suzanne Holdsworth12712.5
Russel Newman12712.5
Mick Egner24015.6
Geopff Stone24015.6
Martin Lister24015.2
Mark Colclough24015.2
Julie Clark24015.6
Ian Rayson24015.6
Tony Mendham24015.4
Steve Kidd24015.9
James Flower240Punct
Tony Hardenberg24015.2
Louise George24015.6
Ian Metcalfe24015.4
Mark Taylor24015.6
Grant Hammond24015.6
Jamie Redmile34017.5
Jon Brown34017.5
Ian Astley34017.5
Barry Moulder34017.5
Kim Flower34017.5
Matthew Kingston-lee34017.5
Carol Milne34017.5
Chris Sammler34017.5