Witham Wheelers Open 10 – Saturday 2nd June – Photos in Gallery

Witham Wheelers held their annual open 10 mile time trial on Saturday afternoon on the Silk Willoughby to Osbournby course. Conditions were warm and muggy but the riders were spared the heavy downpours that were circulating in the area. Fastest rider on the day was Matt Sinclair 20.13 (Lutterworth Cycle Centre). John Pilgrim was fastest club rider 22.30 in 8th place just behind ex wheeler Jacob Storey 22.23 now riding for VC Londres.
Louise George 26.41 returned to form to retain her place as female club champion in front of Tracey George 26.54 after recent reversals in position. Thanks to Chris O’Connor for organising and supporting the event through his shop Chris O’Connor Cycles

Provisional results – Full results to follow

Matt Sinclair 20.13 1st Lutterworth Cycle Centre
Jacob Storey 22.23 VC Londres
John Pilgrim 22.30 8th WW
Gary Symons 23.02 WW
Henry Gould 23.30 WW
James Westwood 24.22 WW
Simon Cocker 24.36 WW
Graham McAndrew 25.17 WW
Martin Hedley 25.43 WW
Tony Hardenberg 26.03 WW
Loiuse George 26.41 WW
Tracey George 26.54 WW
Dave Herd 27.02 WW
steve Kidd 27.10 WW
Carol Milne 27.29 WW
Julie Clark 28.44 WW



Photos now in Gallery


Volunteer required to help at the HQ filling out the result board, let Chris O’Connor know if you can help.           chrism.oconnor@yahoo.co.uk



Promoting Cycling For 60 Years.

Present their annual 10 mile Time Trial

 (Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under their Rules and Regulations)

Sunday 2thJune 2018, Start Time=1400 (2pm)

On the Course C10/10 (COURSE RECORD GEORGE ATKINS 20:18)

COURSE: START on A15 Sleaford By Pass 0.25 miles South of Quarrington Roundabout (A15/A153/B1517)

near field entrance with large tarmac entrance both sides of A15. Proceed South on A15 through Osbournby to

Roundabout (A15/A52). Encircle Roundabout and retrace along A15 to FINISH approximately 80 yards short

of lay-by sign (approx 1 mile going south) and 0.32 miles short of the Start.

EVENT HQ. Silk Willoughby, Village Hall, School Lane, Silk Willoughby. NG34 8PG

PARKING Please park with consideration to local residents.

TO THE START: From HQ turn LEFT onto London Road, go past garden centre, LEFT onto Town

Road and Left onto Grantham Road, LEFT at roundabout.

 NUMBERS Will be issued when signing on.

ALLOW Sufficient time to reach the Start which is approximately 1.5 miles from HQ.

PROCEED from HQ go right towards Grantham. Take 1st exit at QuarringtonRbt on to A15.

START Is approx half a mile along on the left.

Parking in Start and Finish areas is restricted to Official vehicles only.

RESTRICTIONS There must be no warming up on the course once the event is in progress.

U TURNS Within site of the Time keepers could lead to disqualification.

AWARENESS OF SURROUNDINGS No head/earphones permitted except hearing aids (Reg 19)

SLEEVELESS TOPS Are not permitted. (Regulation 16)

FINISH Please call your number out upon completing your ride.

Please remember to SIGN OFF, IF YOU DONT you will be put down as a D.N.F. Thank You.

TIMEKEEPERS: Sharon Fenson & Brian Mallett.

EVENT SEC :Chris O`Connor, 10,Commercial  Rd, Grantham, Lincs, NG31 6DB. Phone 07904008528.  E-Mail Address= chrism.oconnor@yahoo.co.uk

IN THE INTERESTS OF YOUR OWN SAFETY, Cycling Time Trials and the Event Promoters strongly

advise you to wear a HARD SHELL HELMET that meets a recognized standard.

All competitors under the age of 18 years and/or Juniors must wear a properly fixed helmet.

As per Regulation 15.

 CTT recommend that a working rear light, either flashing or constant, is fitted to the machine in a position visible to following road users and is active whilst the machine is in use.


Fastest 1st£25.00   2nd£20.00   3rd£15.00

Ladies  1st£25.00   2nd£20.00   3rd£15.00

Vets      1st£25.00   2nd£20.00   3rd£15.00

Junior  1st£25.00


5 x 5pr`s  x Continental Race 28 (700c x 20/25 Presta 80mm Valve) 

Donated by Chris O`Connor Cycles.

bib start_time firstname lastname club gender category
3 14:03:00 Martin Hedley Witham Wheelers Male Veteran
4 14:04:00 Alistair Seymour Royal Air Force Cycling Association Male Veteran
5 14:05:00 Nicholas Hitchens Peterborough CC Male Veteran
6 14:06:00 Isaac Russell Derby Mercury  R C Male Junior
7 14:07:00 Michael Church Rockingham Forest Whs Male Veteran
8 14:08:00 Brendon Thomas Alford Whs Male Veteran
9 14:09:00 Stephen Kidd Witham Wheelers Male Veteran
10 14:10:00 Eddie Humphreys Loughborough Phoenix CC Male Veteran
11 14:11:00 Richard Sharp Team Swift Male Senior
12 14:12:00 Steven Barrell Mapperley CC Male Veteran
13 14:13:00 Michael Davis Beeston Road Club Male Veteran
14 14:14:00 Tracey George Witham Wheelers Female Veteran
15 14:15:00 Sam Bradley Alford Whs Male Senior
16 14:16:00 Phil Ackerman Fenland Clarion CC Male Veteran
17 14:17:00 Rhys Evans Army Cycling Union Male Senior
18 14:18:00 John Burton Alford Whs Male Veteran
19 14:19:00 Adrian Jackson VTTA (North Midlands) Male Veteran
20 14:20:00 Dave Nolan trainSharp Male Veteran
21 14:21:00 Karl Baillie University of Derby Cycling Club Male Espoir
22 14:22:00 David Wright Cheshire Roads Club Male Veteran
23 14:23:00 Simon Cocker Witham Wheelers Male Veteran
24 14:24:00 Tom Bailey Kettering CC Male Veteran
25 14:25:00 Gary Symons Witham Wheelers Male Veteran
26 14:26:00 nigel finch Mercia – Lloyds Cycles CC Male Veteran
27 14:27:00 john royle Fenland Clarion CC Male Veteran
28 14:28:00 Andy Clark Rutland Cycling Club Male Veteran
29 14:29:00 Julie Clark Witham Wheelers Female Veteran
30 14:30:00 Jeremy Hargrave Fenland Road Club Male Veteran
31 14:31:00 Reece Egner Witham Wheelers Male Espoir
32 14:32:00 Michael Lamb Kiveton Park Cycling Club Male Veteran
33 14:33:00 Paul Breeze Peterborough CC Male Veteran
34 14:34:00 Carol Milne Witham Wheelers Female Veteran
35 14:35:00 Ian Dalton Cherry Valley RT (B&C Express) Male Veteran
36 14:36:00 Andrea Egner Witham Wheelers Female Veteran
37 14:37:00 Chris James Mapperley CC Male Veteran
38 14:38:00 David Herd Witham Wheelers Male Veteran
39 14:39:00 Denese Hallahan Wisbech Whs Female Veteran
40 14:40:00 Fiona Sharp Team Swift Female Senior
41 14:41:00 James Westwood Witham Wheelers Male Veteran
42 14:42:00 Jacob Storey VC de Londres Male Senior
43 14:43:00 Michael Egner Witham Wheelers Male Veteran
44 14:44:00 James William Davey VTTA (Kent) Male Veteran
45 14:45:00 stuart wells Flex-Tech Ettridge Cycles Racing Team Male Veteran
46 14:46:00 Ian Fensom Fenland Road Club Male Veteran
47 14:47:00 Henry Gould Witham Wheelers Male Senior
48 14:48:00 Adam Egner Witham Wheelers Male Espoir
49 14:49:00 John Hassall Bossard Whs Male Veteran
50 14:50:00 John Pilgrim Witham Wheelers Male Senior
51 14:51:00 paul ripley Alford Whs Male Veteran
52 14:52:00 Anthony Hardenberg Witham Wheelers Male Veteran
53 14:53:00 Graham McAndrew Witham Wheelers Male Veteran
54 14:54:00 Annabel Prow Nottingham Clarion CC Female Senior
55 14:55:00 Ian Guilor Mapperley CC Male Veteran
56 14:56:00 Michael Smalley Witham Wheelers Male Veteran
57 14:57:00 Matt Brian Velo Club Lincoln (Pygott & Crone – Bang Olufsen) Male Veteran
58 14:58:00 Louise George Witham Wheelers Female Veteran
59 14:59:00 Judith Brand Lincoln Wheelers CC Female Veteran
60 15:00:00 Matt Sinclair Lutterworth Cycle Centre Racing Team Male Senior