Jack O’Connor – Interclub 25 – Full Results + Photos in Gallery

 Despite some great rides by everyone on Thursday evening we wuz robbed by a badly timed puncture to John Pilgrim in the first mile which meant that instead of winning the mens trophy this year by a couple of minutes we lost by some 3 minutes to VC Lincoln.
With Newark back in the frame promoting this year on the fast A46 dual carriageway course from Newark to the Stragglethorpe intersection there was the potential for some fast times with Gary Symons leading the way in 55.46 for the club backed up by Stepehn Hobday going under the hour for the first time in an excellent 58.16 as did Paul Pearson in 59.42 and Henry Gould just outside the hour in 1.00.40
Also some excellent rides by the ladies with Louise George first with 1.04.52 from Tracey George 1.06.09 and Julie Clark 1.10.05 coping well with their first rides on a DC course.
Jack O’Connor Interclub 25 – 21st June 2018
No. Pos Rider Club Time VC Lincoln
25 1 Mark Cotton VC Lincoln 00:53:32 Mark Cotton 00:53:32
10 2 Richard Hamblin Sleaford Whs 00:53:53 Richard Kettleborough 00:58:55
15 3 Gary Symons Witham Whs 00:55:46 Simon Sheperd 00:59:10
27 4 Jez Willows Newark 00:57:55 Matt Brian 00:59:24
23 5 Stepehn Hobday Witham Whs 00:58:16 3:51:01
7 6 Nick Burton Newark 00:58:28 Witham Whs
6 7 Richard Kettleborough VC Lincoln 00:58:55 Gary Symons 00:55:46
5 8 Simon Sheperd VC Lincoln 00:59:10 Stephen Hobday 00:58:16
2 9 Matt Brian VC Lincoln 00:59:24 Paul Pearson 00:59:42
12 10 Paul Pearson Witham Whs 00:59:42 Henry Gould 01:00:40
16 11 Henry Gould Witham Whs 01:00:40 3:54:24
3 12 Simon Cocker Witham Whs 01:01:18 Newark
26 13 Michael Smalley Witham Whs 01:01:45 Jez Willows 00:57:55
4 14 Dave Miller Newark 01:02:20 Nick Burton 00:58:28
17 15 James Westwood Witham Whs 01:03:09 Dave Miller 01:02:20
22 16 Tony Hardenberg Witham Whs 01:03:09 Alf Davies 01:09:00
11 17 Louise George Witham Whs 01:04:52 4:07:43
18 18 Tracey George Witham Whs 01:06:09
14 19 Alf Davies Newark 01:09:00 Witham Ladies
9 20 Russell Newman Witham Whs 01:09:03 Louise George 01:04:52
8 21 Julie Clark Witham Whs 01:10:05 Tracey George 01:06:09
19 22 John Scott Witham Whs 01:14:14 Julie Clark 01:10:05
24 23 Tony Dineen VC Lincoln 01:16:04 03:21:06
1 24 Matt Bailey Newark DNF
20 25 John Pilgrim Witham Whs DNF
21 26 Dave Herd Witham Whs DNF
13 27 Martin Hedley Witham Whs DNS
First Rider off at 7.01 – Dont forget your Backlight!!
Course Details
Newark interclub25 210618
1 Matt Bailey Newark
2 Matt Brian VC Lincoln
3 Simon Crocker Witham Wheelers
4 Dave Miller Newark
5 Simon Shepherd VC Lincoln
6 Richard Kettleborough VC Lincoln
7 Nick Burton Newark
8 Julie Clarke Witham Wheelers
9 Russell Newman Witham Wheelers
10 Richard Hamblin Sleaford Wheelers
11 Louise George Witham Wheelers
12 Paul Pearson Witham Wheelers
13 Martin hedley Witham Wheelers
14 Alf Davies Newark
15 Gary Symonds Witham Wheelers
16 Henry Gould Witham Wheelers
17 James Westwood Witham Wheelers
18 Tracey George Witham Wheelers
19 John Scott Witham Wheelers
20 John Pilgrim Witham Wheelers
21 David Herd Witham Wheelers
22 Antony Hardenberg Witham Wheelers
23 Stephen Hobday Witham Wheelers
24 Tony Dineen VC Lincoln
25 Mark Cotton VC Lincoln
26 Michael Smalley Witham Wheelers
27 Jez Willows Newark
Club entries can be made via Tony Hardenberg, as last year Chris O’Connor has generously offered to pay for all WW club entries.
Newark interclub25 210618
Following all the gratefully received guidelines and advice, I can confirm the following for this years event:
  1. Venue and date: Farndon/A46 course (a25/34); date Thursday 21st June 2018, sign on (at start line) by 18:40, first off 19:00
  2. This is a Newark Castle CC club event run under CTT rules
  3. Entry:
    1. no ‘on the night’ entrants.  First and second claim members of Newark Castle CC, VC Lincoln, Sleaford Wheelers and Witham Wheelers only.  Entry fee £5 per rider.
    2. All entries to be received by end Sunday 17th June 2018 latest
    3. First claim can take part in the Jack O’Connor trophy competition (awarded to the club with the lowest aggregate time of 4 riders)
    4. 1st and 2nd claim take part in the individual competition – male and female
    5. Ignoring my previous email, all entries (including entry fee) to Paul Beaumont, Ashleigh House, Far Holme Lane, Sutton on Trent, Notts, NG23 6PQ.  Please state name, address, phone number, club, 1st or 2nd claim, best 25 mile TT time (for field placement), emergency contact and phone number
  5. There will be no HQ – only roadside at start and finish
  6. Newark Castle CC to provide timekeepers – 1 at start and 1 at finish
  7. There will be basic roadside refreshments available post ride near the finish timekeeper
  8. Marshals needed in total excluding timekeepers = 6.  Can clubs please email me names, mobile numbers and email addresses of marshal volunteers – just so I have them in advance.  Could I suggest 2 marshal volunteers from each of visiting clubs as Newark is providing timekeepers.  I will provide all signage.  Volunteer, marshals will need a car due to nature of course.
Kind regards,
Paul Beaumont
Newark Castle CC
Tel: 07747 456123