Club League 10 – No. 14 – Photos in Gallery

Final league 10 of the year, a strange season with a late start due to the ongoing impact of Covid and unable to use the Cricket club for the usual tea, biscuits and a chat.


         Round 14 Results     
Overall RankingsHandicap RankingsVeteran Rankings
1Karl Baillie22:01+00:30201Dave Beckett+00:24201Simon Cocker28:06-02:2920
2Reece Egner22:51+01:10192Karl Baillie+00:27192Louise George30:01-01:1719
3Adam Egner24:05+02:00183Simon Cocker+00:33183Julie Clark29:18+00:3818
4Simon Cocker25:37+00:48174Reece Egner+01:10174Dave Beckett27:44+05:3117
5Louise George28:44+02:08165Amy Kolbert+01:1316
6Amy Kolbert29:13+01:13156Louise George+01:4115
7Julie Clark29:56+01:54147Julie Clark+01:5414
8Dave Beckett33:15+02:51138Adam Egner+02:0013