Jack O’Connor – Interclub 25 – Photos in Gallery

The annual challenge between Witham Wheelers, Sleaford Wheelers and VC Lincoln took place on the Sleaford – Osbournby – Donnington course in warm, dry and quite still conditions.

Witham Wheelers held onto the mens shield with, despite a strong challenge from Sleaford. Shaun Culpin backed up Karl Baillie and Adam Egner well, with Reece Egner not on his usual form.

Sleaford ladies took the ladies Chris O’Connor shield from Witham

Jack O’Connor 25 mile TT Interclub 17th June 2021

 NameClubResultCatVets Time
1Toby BartlettVC Lincoln00:53:36m 
2Karl BaillieWitham00:54:23m 
3Jim BoyleSWCC00:55:36m00:52:13
3Adam EgnerWitham00:55:36m 
5Dominic Righini BrandSWCC00:55:58m 
6Samuel HowesSWCC00:56:42jm 
7Shaun CulpinWitham00:57:13m00:55:42
8Earl TaylorVelo One00:58:15 00:57:43
9Reece EgnerWitham00:59:05m 
10Matt BrianVC Lincoln01:00:44m00:59:25
11Thomas HowesSWCC01:00:48m 
12Gav CulshawSWCC01:01:17m00:58:54
13Dave SmithSWCC01:01:50m00:53:27
14Devon MorganSWCC01:02:21jm 
15Simon CockerWitham01:02:22m00:57:11
16Loz StaplesVelo One01:02:33 01:01:02
17Gary HoskinVC Lincoln01:02:55m01:00:59
18Oliver SawyerVC Lincoln01:06:07jm 
19Jo HowesSWCC01:06:24f00:58:57
20Georgette RandVC Lincoln01:06:31jf 
21Jim JeffriesSWCC01:07:14m01:01:43
22Andy HowettGala (Scot)01:07:15  
23Stu McKellarSWCC01:08:57m01:03:04
24Dave AshleySWCC01:09:31m01:00:08
25Nicole WellsVC Lincoln01:10:12f 
26Louise GeorgeWitham01:11:00f01:01:00
27Julie ClarkWitham01:11:14f01:03:06
27Evgeniya Righini-BrandSWCC01:11:14f 
29Barry GellWitham01:12:00m01:05:45
30Verity MilesSWCC01:12:12f01:05:48
31Carol MilneWitham01:12:49f01:02:49
32Stu McClarenSWCC01:15:35m01:11:03
33John ScottSWCC01:19:58m01:08:17

Prize Winners

Jack O’Connor Shield  Chris O’Connor Shield 
Witham3:46:17  SWCC3:29:50 
Karl Baillie00:54:23  Jo Howes01:06:24 
Adam Egner00:55:36  Evgeniya Righini-Brand01:11:14 
Shaun Culpin00:57:13  Verity Miles01:12:12 
Reece Egner00:59:05     
SWCC3:49:04  Witham3:35:03 
Jim Boyle00:55:36  Louise George01:11:00 
Dominic Righini Brand00:55:58  Julie Clark01:11:14 
Samuel Howes00:56:42  Carol Milne01:12:49 
Thomas Howes01:00:48     
VC Lincoln4:03:22 MaleToby Bartlett00:53:36VC Lincoln
Toby Bartlett00:53:36 FemaleJo Howes01:06:24SWCC
Matt Brian01:00:44 VetJim Boyle00:52:13SWCC
Gary Hoskin01:02:55 Junior MSamuel Howes00:56:42SWCC
Oliver Sawyer01:06:07 Junior FGeorgette Rand01:06:31VC Lincoln