Covid Time Trial No. 6 – Photos in Gallery

Latest Witham Wheelers 10 mile Time Trial took place in warm dry conditions as the latest heavy thunderstorm luckily drifted by to the south, a south westerly breeze slowing riders compared to the previous week.

However there were still a couple of PBs with schoolgirl Amy Kolbert making a guest appearance to take a whopping 2.32 off last seasons best. while Julie Clark also managed a 4 second improvement.

Karl Baillie was again fastest rider on the evening, with a relatively modest, by his standards, 22.20 with John Orridge upto 2nd in 24.38 ahead of Henry Gould 24.43. Louse George was fastest lady in 27.59

Michael Smalley has continued his dominance of the Veterans ranking finishing a good 3.2 minutes ahead of the predicted time for his age. Simon Cocker second +2.23 with John Orridge third +2.03

 Overall Rankings Handicap Rankings Veteran Rankings
PosNameTime+/-PBPtsPosName +/- PtsPosNameVet Std+/-Std
1Karl Baillie22:20 +00:49201Amy Kolbert02:3220 1Michael Smalley29:5903:2020
2John Orridge24:38 +00:16192Julie Clark00:0419 2Simon Cocker27:4502:3319
3Henry Gould24:43 +01:16183John Orridge+00:1618 3John Orridge26:4102:0318
4Simon Cocker25:12 +00:23174Martin Hedley+00:1717 4Louise George29:3201:3317
5Matthew Kingston-Lee25:30 +01:22165Simon Cocker+00:1916 5Matthew Kingston-Lee26:2200:5216
6Glynn Attwell25:34 +00:32156Barry Gell+00:2015 6Julie Clark28:5600:4215
7Michael Smalley26:39 +01:50147Henry Gould+00:3114 7Martin Hedley27:07+00:2814
8Martin Hedley27:35 +03:18138Glynn Attwell+00:3213 8Barry Gell28:06+00:2913
9Louise George27:59 +01:23129Karl Baillie+00:3612 9Dave Herd29:20+01:3412
10Julie Clark28:14PB00:041110Richard Manton+00:5211 10Richard Manton26:17+03:1511
11Barry Gell28:35 +00:201011Michael Smalley+00:5510       
12Amy Kolbert29:07PB02:32912Louise George+00:569       
13Richard Manton29:32 +03:15813Isobel Hobday+01:158       
14Jack Simpson30:29 +01:53714Dave Herd+01:177       
15Dave Herd30:54 +04:21615Matthew Kingston-Lee+01:226       
16Isobel Hobday34:34 +01:18516Jack Simpson+01:535