Club League 10 – No. 10 – Road Bikes – Photos in Gallery

A change this week from the usual format with riders on a standard road bike and no aero helmets etc. Conditions were also quite tough with stiff westerley breeze making it hard going on the drag out to the second turn.

It can be seen that all riders were nearly 2 minutes down on their usual times except for Dave Beckett who was on his usual road bike and just under a minute down due to the conditions.


         Round 10 Results     
Overall RankingsHandicap RankingsVeteran Rankings
1Reece Egner23:49+02:08201Dave Beckett+00:58201Simon Cocker28:06-01:1020
2Ryan Henry24:18+00:29Guest2Matthew Kingston-Lee+01:44192Matthew Kingston-Lee26:27-00:4819
3Adam Egner24:32+02:24193Simon Cocker+01:52182Julie Clark29:18+00:4719
4Matthew Kingston-Lee25:39+01:44184Julie Clark+02:03174Harriett Orridge29:12+00:5017
5Simon Cocker26:56+02:07175Reece Egner+02:08165John Orridge26:51+00:5616
6John Orridge27:47+03:25166Adam Egner+02:24156Glynn Attwell26:32+01:4415
7Glynn Attwell28:16+03:27157Harriett Orridge+02:31147Dave Beckett27:44+06:3314
8Grant Hammond29:11+29:11Guest8John Orridge+03:2513
9Harriett Orridge30:02+02:31149Glynn Attwell+03:2712
10Julie Clark30:05+02:0313
11Dave Beckett34:17+03:5312