Club Hill Climb & Freewheel Competition – Photos in Gallery

Hill Climb

The final club evening event of the season took place on Harby Hill in pleasant warm and dry conditions. The Hill Climb is always approached with a feeling of dread as every rider knows that it is going to be a painful experience trying to sprint up hill as fast as possible. Its an event that usually favours the younger riders and so it proved with Reece Egner just beating brother Adam by 10 seconds in 2.44 with Junior Josh Gibson in third 3.18. It was a very close competition amongst the ladies with Tracey George 4.23 just retaining her title by 4 seconds from Julie Clark with carol Milne only 9 seconds further back.

In the veterans Simon Cocker came out on top with 3.27 just 3 seconds ahead of John Orridge and 12 seconds ahead of Chris Sammler

Rider 1 Actual Time
Reece Egner 02:44 1st Senior
Adam Egner 02:54 2nd Senior
Joshua Gibson 03:18 1st Junior
Simon Cocker 03:27 1st Vet
John Orridge 03:30 2nd Vet
Chris Sammler 03:39 3rd Vet
Jack Simpson 03:56 1st Youth
James Westwood 03:56
Dave Miller 04:09
Tracey George 04:23 1st Lady
Julie Clark 04:27 2nd Lady
Carol Milne 04:36 3rd Lady
Geoff Stone 04:43
Michael Smalley 04:48
Louise George 05:16

The free-wheel is always a keenly fought contest as riders see how far they can get back down the hill. If you can get over the small rises before Harby then you can regain momentum and the leading riders got well into Harby village past the pub with Reeece going well past previous best marks

  1. Reece Egner
  2. Michael Smalley
  3. Adam Egner
  4. James Westwood
  5. Louise George
  6. Dave Miller
  7. Geoff Stone
  8. Tracey George
  9. John Orridge


Reminder Tuesday 29th its the final club evening event of the year with the club Hill Climb and Freewheel competition on Harby Hill. Club Awards for 1st Overall, Juvenile, Junior, Veteran and Women

Meet at the bottom of Harby Hill on the Waltham Road between the villages of Harby and Eastwell.

Sign-on from 6.00pm with the first rider starting at 6.45. This is followed by the Freewheel competition, to see who can get the furthest back down the hill, always a keenly fought contest.