2020 Time Trial League Tables

Just to a competitive edge to the Time Trials some tables based on the usual Format, its proposed to take the best 5 results from the 7 events. No Bonus points awarded this year thanks to the generosity of the helpers giving their time each week. The tables are being added to the weekly results.

Scratch – Fastest Rider each week

1Karl Baillie202020202000100
2Matthew Kingston-Lee17161919180089
3Henry Gould18181717170087
4John Orridge14141516160075
5Matt Broad0181818190073
6Michael Smalley11121415130065
7Stephen Hobday191900120050
8Julie Clark87111380047
9Simon Cocker161500140045
10Glynn Attwell130160150044
11Martin Hedley911120100042
12Louise George710130110041
13Richard Manton6691150037
14Gary Tudbury4901490036
15Barry Gell5801270032
16Adam Madge12130000025
17Joshua Hemmings208060016
17Dave Miller1510000016
19Paul Squires1500000015
20Vicky Safarris027030012
21Billy Reed1000000010
22Dave Herd04004008
23Jack Simpson03001004
24Ethan Squires30000003
25John Scott00002002
26Isobel Hobday01000001

Handicap Table – calculated each week from the riders best time in the current and previous season

1Julie Clark01981819110075
2Matthew Kingston-Lee010111720150073
3Barry Gell0181701690060
4Vicky Safarris0020200190059
5Karl Baillie0116917130056
6Henry Gould01271115100055
7Dave Herd0161800200054
8Louise George0713160140050
9Matt Broad0001418160048
10Michael Smalley086121380047
11Glynn Attwell0110150190045
12John Orridge054714120042
13Richard Manton00981270036
13Joshua Hemmings000190170036
15Adam Madge014190000033
16Martin Hedley001510070032
17Isobel Hobday017120010030
17Dave Miller061113000030
19Stephen Hobday013140020029
20Ethan Squires02000000020
20Gary Tudbury03301130020
22Simon Cocker0950050019
23Paul Squires01500000015
24John Scott0420040010
25Jack Simpson021000003

Veterans – calculated from the published veterans (over 40) standard times which take into account the riders age and gender

PosNameBonus1234567Best 10
1Michael Smalley0202020202000100
2Matthew Kingston-Lee017161819160086
3John Orridge015151718170082
4Julie Clark014141617150076
5Louise George01617190190071
6Simon Cocker0181800180054
6Barry Gell01213016130054
8Stephen Hobday0191900140052
9Richard Manton088131480051
10Martin Hedley01312140110050
11Gary Tudbury01010015100045
12Dave Miller0111115000037
13Dave Herd09900120030
14Vicky Safarris00612070025
15John Scott0770090023