Reliability Rides Start Sunday 9th January – Updated 14th Jan

Reliability Rides

Following last weeks abortive start, we will have a reset and go for the same route with a 9.30 start, to hopefully give any frost a better chance of clearing. See revised schedule below.

Also for info there is an Umpires training course going on at the clubhouse this weekend, so they have asked us to go in through the front, not the kitchen. They will be starting at 10.00 please respect their space.

**Reminder, as we are signing on indoors, please respect everyones safety and wear a mask, as word has it that several local cyclists have become infected this week**

As promised find attached some information for this years Reliability ride series, hopefully this makes sense, we can always modify subject to weather conditions, etc but this Sunday looks good at the moment, fingers crossed!

I’m still having problems generating a good map for the first weeks updated route, will hopefully resolve soon, but the Strava route is OK and I know you are all upto speed with uploading routes to your Garmins.

As well as the routes below, each week there will be a shorter route for less ambitious riders, which will aim to average 10+ mph.

Date    Distance Miles Route No Route Description – Direction 1st Group start time
Sun 9th Jan Cancelled due to ice
Sun 16th Jan 40 / 27 9 Undulating – Waltham / Langar 9.30
Sun 23rd Jan 41 / 32 10 Undulating – Whissendine 9.30
Sun 30th Jan 40 / 30 14 Hilly – Long Clawson 9.00
Sun 6th Feb 45 / 37 2 Undulating – Colston Basset 9.00
Sun 13th Feb 48 / 40 3 Undulating – Castle Bytham 9.00
Sun 20th Feb 47 / 40 11 Undulating – Cottesmore 9.00
Sun 27th Feb 63 / 52 6 Undulating – Heckington / Bourne     8.30
Sun 6th Mar 62 / 52 7 Hilly – Tilton on the Hill 8.30
Sun 13th Mar 69 / 51 13 Undulating – Colston Basset/Bytham 8.30
Sun 20th Mar 61 / 50 4 Hilly – Rutland Water 8.30
Sun 20th Mar 59 17 13 Hills – Vale of Belvoir 8.30

There will be 4 groups, which will be expected to ride together, keeping to an average speed in the range     

Group 1           Shorter route 10+ mph

Group 2           14 to 16 mph

Group 3           16.1 to 18 mph

Group 4           19+

  • Riders should be realistic about their capabilities and sign on for the group appropriate to their ability.
  • Will each rider also sign back in after each ride, so that we know you are safe,
  • Club donation £3 per ride, or £25 for the series. Non-members first ride – no charge.
  • Please ensure your bike is in good working order and take food, waterproof clothing and spare inner tube etc.
  • A map of each weeks route can be downloaded from the club web site ‘Cycling’ menu.
  • Refreshments will be available at the HQ after the ride for all riders.
  • See club Facebook Page or WhatsApp group for updates in the event of bad weather.
  • For further details and updates see the club website at or tel. Simon Cocker 07806 805148


Also to help improve communication within the club when organising rides etc. we have a WhatsApp group that we would invite you to join. To avoid any issues with Data Protection etc. please let me know your mobile number and I will arrange for you to be added.

Note this will be an open forum to all club members so please post only relevant messages and avoid using between 23.00 to 07.00 hrs so that people who need to leave their phone on, do not get hit with messages in the middle of the night!

Any questions please let me know

all the best and hope to see you on Sunday.