Cycle Thefts in Grantham Area

Please could I ask that you make the members of the club aware of a couple of recent incidents.

Overnight 21st to 22nd of Sep 5 bikes total value over £6000 were stolen from an address in the Belton Lane / Harrowby Lane area the following night 2nd in to 23rd Sep 6 bikes were taken from and address in village near Ropsley.

A suspicious white van (possibly Transit, was seen in vicinity the week before) no further details.

We don’t have anything to substantiate the thought but it is possible that these bikes have been targeted and thieves have identified where they have been coming and going from. This might be via Strava type apps where routes are published amongst other riders or by seeing high end bikes when out and following them back to home address.

If using Strava or similar, try to hide home location, easiest way is by starting and stopping route away from home address, i.e. at meeting point for start of ride. Be vigilant on leaving home and returning, if you feel that someone has followed do a second ‘cooldown’ lap before going home, they could be in cars, electric scooters, don’t rule out another cyclist, even thieves have bikes! Especially as they don’t pay for them!!

Report any suspicious people or vehicles (Cyclists?) to police via 101 on on-line at

For ‘at home’ security heavier is often better, a substantial 8/10 or even 12mm section chain and padlock along with a ‘ground anchor’ or wall fixing anchor to secure the chain through is what is personally use (12mm). I know of people (including my-self, who have a chain heavier than the bike. Not practical for out on the road but weight does matter when it stays in the garage / shed. Stay at home security can include motor bike security chains and locks, consider insurance policy excess and spend similar amount on protecting your bike(s).

Every cycle and cyclist is different, so I’m not going to give specific makes and devices to use, there’s a multitude of websites and cycle magazines that can give Impartial advice and recommendations on cycle locks and chains.

I hope the advice and message is of use, please don’t panic that all of your members are about to have their treasured cycles taken, but these recent thefts are a change from the normal criminal activity and it would be remiss of me not to highlight to the club and members. Grantham cycle thefts are, in vast majority of cases unlocked or very cheap locks (under £15.00) and although expensive from mainstream cycle retailers (Halfords / Evans etc) not what you’d find in Pedal Pushers etc.

I am due to undergo surgery next week, for historic problem from broken collar bone (yes came off my bike) so won’t be in work for an extended period. If there are any questions in my absence please contact PC Mark Barr via e-mail



PCSO Bowden