Witham Wheelers Open R-R 12th June 2022- Supported by PedalPushers – Results & Photos

Witham Wheelers were pleased to promote their 2 British Cycling Road Races for the first time since 2019 on the usual 12 mile circuit just south of Grantham. A strong northerly breeze on a rolling circuit made for some hard and competitive racing.

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GT Ellingworth

GA Bennett

GA Bennett Prize Presentation

The morning 45 mile G.T.Ellingworth for 3 /4 category riders was a cagey affair for the first couple laps before Jake Birkin (South Normanton) and Finlay Holland ( BCC RT) broke away to establish a 1 minute lead with a lap to go, which they held to the finish where Birkin took a close sprint. Callum Ecobichon (JRC-Interflon) led in the bunch sprint.

Club rider Adam Egner placed well in the sprint for 8th place close behind Corby Glen rider David Earth (Rose Race Team) in 6th.

Pos Forename Surname Club / Team Name 45 miles Time
1 Jake Birkin South Normanton Cycling Club 1.48.10
2 Finlay Holland BCC Race Team st
3 Callum Ecobichon JRC-INTERFLON Race Team @ 0.56
4 Harvey Thomas Strada 2020 st
5 Ryan Williams BCC Race Team st
6 David Earth Rose Race Team st
7 Ryan Hornsby COBL Cycling Club st
8 Adam Egner Witham Wheelers Cycling Club st
9 Wayne Randall South Normanton Cycling Club st
10 Tom Parsons Team Jewson-M.I.Racing st
11 Samuel Thomas Derby Mercury RC st
12 Alfie Speck Ellmore Factory Racing st
13 Chris Evans Amicus 13 st
14 Carrick Hewing Ribble rechrg Race Team st
15 Benjamin Jordan Velo Bavarian Race Team st
16 Thomas Foreman Sherwood CC st
17 Richard Summerbell Royal Air Force CA st
18 Philip Bennett Royal Air Force CA st
19 Nawfal Demnati Team Corley Cycles st
20 Dominic Switzer Welland Valley CC st
21 Oliver Jones Velo Bavarian Race Team st
22AdamMillingtonTeam PB Performance
23Number not visible  
24Dean EasonSouth Normanton Cycling Club
25AnthonySpencerCNC Repair Factory Racing Team
26BenLambertPainTrain Lincoln
27GeorgeHackneyPainTrain Lincoln
28DimitriFranzLoughborough Students CC
29JonathanVeitchBeeston Cycling Club
30DanielSmithVelo Bavarian Race Team
32AaronClarkeCOBL Cycling Club
33AdamWrightCOBL Cycling Club
34PhilEarlRockingham Forest Whls
36SamBagleyGeared Up Apex RT
37GaryHealdVelo Bavarian Race Team
38DanielWardSouth Normanton Cycling Club
40CraigAveryAshfield RC

The Afternoon 80 mile GA Bennett E123 events also incorporated the East Midland Regional Road Race champs. At the end of the first lap 6 riders held a slender 22 sec lead over the chasing bunch. Over the next couple of laps various chasing groups formed until with 3 to go 13 riders held a 1 minute lead over a still active bunch. With the lead group working well the lead contiuned to hover around 1.30 until it split apart on the hill approaching the bell for the final lap.

7 riders pressed on to contest the finishing sprint with Will Perrett (Spellman-Dublin) using his track speed to surge clear for the win from Adam Mitchell (Cycling Sheffield) and 3rd Michael Gill (St Piran). The rest of the break was caught by the bunch which was led in 1.25 later by Isaac Peatfield (VC Schwenheim).

Reece Egner rode well considering far from ideal preparation for the race only losing contact with the bunch on the last lap to finish 37th, Ex-Wheeler Peter Cocker (Richardsons RT) rode conservatively in the bunch with a team mate in the break and finished 13th overall.

East Mids Champs

1st Will Perrett, 2nd Adam Kenway, 3rd Alex Pritchard

Overall Results

Pos Forename Surname Club / Team Name 80 miles Time
1 William Perrett Spellman – Dublin Port Track Team 3.01.19
2 Adam Mitchell Cycling Sheffield @ .03
3 Michael Gill Saint Piran st
4 Adam Kenway PM @ .08
5 Alexander Pritchard WattShop @ .11
6 Jacques Coates Team PB Performance @ .15
7 Oliver Hurdle StolenGoat Race Team st
8 Isaac Peatfield VCU Schwenheim @1.25
9 Joshua Avery Spirit BSS st
10 Daniel Kain Spokes Racing Team st
11 Freddy Pett DAP Cycling Club @ 1.28
12 Matthew Ellis SRCT MUC-OFF @ 1.30
13 Peter Cocker Richardsons Trek DAS @ 1.30
14 Harry Paveley Identity Racing @ 1.30
15 Dan Galpin Bourne Whls CC @ 1.30
16 Ben Chilton Spectra Wiggle p/b Vitus @ 1.30
17 Philip Large Wold Top The Edge RT @ 1.30
18 Oliver Maxwell SRCT MUC-OFF @ 1.30
19 Stephen Bradbury Saint Piran @ 1.34
20 Alex Galpin Bourne Whls CC @ 1.34
21 Edward Calow Royal Air Force CA @ 1.34
22 Frazier Carr Spirit BSS @ 1.37
23 Joshua Knowles TAAP Cervelo @ 1.39
24 Josh Housley Spirit BSS @ 1.39
25 Greig Burt BCC Race Team @ 1.41
26 Carl Stubbs COBL Cycling Club @ 1.41
27 Sean Mullen Richardsons Trek DAS @ 1.46
28 Mark Walker Wold Top The Edge RT @ 1.48
29 Jake Hales Spirit BSS @ 1.52
30 Oliver Snodden SF Racing @ 1.59
31 Toby Atkins UpShift Nutrition Race Team @ 2.10
32 Joshua Price Spirit BSS @ 2.11
34 Graham Briggs Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy @ 2.21
35 Ross Lamb Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling @ 2.21
36 Alistair Slater Clancy Briggs Cycling Academy @ 3.00
37 Reece Egner Witham Wheelers Cycling Club @3.30

Many thanks to all the volunteers without whom it would not be possible to run a safe and enjoyable event on British Roads,

These included Commissaires, NEG riders, AMSS Marshalls, Club Red Flag marshalls, Lead car drivers, Sign-on Stewards, Neutral service, Catering, Course signage, First Aid and Commissaire scribes at the last count 46 people in total across the 2 races

Simon  Cocker – Event Organiser


Full 60 rider Field for the morning GT Ellingworth 3/4 category event and nearly full for the afternoon GA Bennett with over 40 East Mids racing for the magnificent Regional Trophy which has some great names from the past on it, should be some good racing.

Race Manual attached


After a 2 year break due to Covid restrictions Witham Wheelers again promote their annual British Cycling Road Races on Sunday 12th June . As usual there are two races held over the rolling 12 mile circuit,  and with the main hill just over a km before the finish line it always seems to produce a good race.

These have been run in various formats since the early 1960’s details of previous events.

Many thanks again to Pedal Pushers of Grantham, the Ultimate Racing Bike Shop for their continued support of this event.

GT Ellingworth in the morning for 3/4 category riders over 3.3/4 laps.

GA Bennett in the afternoon for E/1/2/3 category riders over 6.3/4 laps which this year incorporates the East Midlands Road race championships

Note this year a change of HQ to Wyville and Hungerton Village Hall

As usual we will be utilising the National Escort Group and Accredited marshalls to provide safety for riders and the general public.

WW RR Circuit 2022

Strava link to circuit