Guidelines for Witham Wheelers Cycling Club Evening Time Trials

The Witham Wheelers organizes a series of Club Evening Time Trials open to all members for a small entry fee (£2.00 Junior, £3.00 senior), these may be entered on the evening. They are held generally on a Tuesday evening using Grantham Cricket Club as Head Quarters where showers are available.

For a copy of these notes and details of the courses used for club events follow this link Witham Wheelers Evening Time Trials

There is a 10 mile handicap league, which the newcomer has a good chance of winning, as they improve through the season, plus various other distance events.

Open Time Trials from 10 miles to 24 hours are organized by cycling clubs around the country under the auspices of Cycling Time Trials, which as a club member you are eligible to enter. Details of these can be found on the CTT web site and must be entered usually at least 2 weeks in advance using the official entry form.

We want everyone to have a safe and enjoyable ride so please observe the following guidelines

  1. Riders MUST be members of a CTT affiliated club.

Riders who are not members of a CTT affiliated club may ride on 3 occasions as a guest before they are required to join as a club member.

  1. Gates open at 6.00pm. Signing on will close at 6.30pm. Early riders may sign prior to 6.00 pm at the Chairman’s discretion.
  2. Riders should arrive at the start in good time, ideally when your minute man is on the line (unless you are No. 1)
  3. If you are late for your start time, the timekeeper will set you off one minute after the last rider has gone off
  4. Please DO NOT queue on the road more than 3 deep as this obstructs traffic, please wait on the grass triangle opposite the start, keeping the road clear.
  5. DO NOT warm up past the start once the event is under way
  6. Extra care is needed at the 2 dead turns at 2.5 miles and 7.5 miles, although there will be marshals in attendance
  7. Once you have been overtaken and passed, you must drop back and not sit on the other rider’s wheel.
  8. All riders should shout out their number when crossing the finish line to help the timekeeper identify them
  9. After finishing. Please continue back to the Club House, DO NOT congregate in the road between the finish and Gorse Lane, other riders may be finishing behind you and/or other traffic may wish to pass. DO NOT perform a U turn in the road or bother the timekeeper who is too busy to answer your questions, the times will be brought back when all the riders are in.

IN THE INTERESTS OF YOUR OWN SAFETY, Cycling Time Trials and the event promoters strongly advise you to wear a HARD SHELL HELMET that meets an internationally accepted safety standard.

All competitors under the age of 18 years and/or juniors must wear a properly affixed helmet as per regulation 15

A RED LIGHT IS REQUIRED either flashing or constant to be fitted to the machine in a position visible to following road users and is active whilst the machine is in use

As per regulation 19. Awareness of surroundings. Competitors must not wear head/earphones associated with audio equipment except hearing aids