Road Racing

Club members are usually active in various Road Race competitions throughout the season, which are promoted under the regulations of several different bodies on a mixture of Closed Circuits and Open Road courses.

 British Cycling (BC) – The figure head organization of cycling in UK, which has achieved tremendous success in the last 10 years at Elite level in the Olympics and World Championships. Good web site with full event details, you need to take out an annual licence and enter events in advance although many events take entries on the line.

Beginners start as 4th Category and by accumulating points can work up to 1st category.

Witham Wheelers promotes 2 road races every year under BC regulations and Open Circuit races at Yarborough leisure centre as part of the Lincolnshire Circuit race Series

 League of Veteran Racing Cyclists (LVRC) – For all riders over 40 with races organized in age categories to encourage people coming into the sport late in life or making a comeback in middle age.

 The League International (TLI) – For all ages to give a low cost alternative to BC events. The Lincolnshire Handicap Road Race league is promoted under TLI regulations, comprising an event every other Wednesday by clubs (including the Witham Wheelers) throughout Lincolnshire in the summer. An excellent introduction for anyone wanting to try road racing. You can either pay either pay £4 for day membership at the event or join the TLI if you think you will ride several events see TLI Cycling

Apr Wed 30 Lincs Hcp R-R League No. 1 – Cottingham Coureurs 19:00 Barton Deepdale
May Wed 14 Lincs Hcp R-R League No. 2 – Lincoln Whs 19:00 Aisthorpe
May Wed 28 Lincs Hcp R-R League No. 3 – VC Lincoln 19:00 Ingham
Jun Wed 11 Lincs Hcp R-R League No. 4 – Lindsey Roads 19:00 Limber
Jun Wed 25 Lincs Hcp R-R League No. 5 – Witham Wheelers 19:00 Gorse Lane
Jul Wed 9 Lincs Hcp R-R League No. 6 – Ettridge Cycle 19:00 Fulstow
Jul Wed 23 Lincs Hcp R-R League No. 7 – Sleaford Whs 19:00 Ashb-de-la-Launde
Aug Wed 6 Lincs Hcp R-R League No. 8 – Alford Whs 19:00 Withern

 Velo 99 League– Invitation series only, handicapped by ability with races held in the East Midlands and South Yorkshire on alternate Sundays throughout the summer. Witham Wheelers promotes a round early in the season.