Indoor Training 2019 – Update 16th Jan

Spinning (using Power) Classes at the Meres: 

The next series 2 starts 19.45 on Tues 29th Jan 2019, cost £25 for 10 sessions on a first come, first served basis, with possible reserve spots available on a weekly basis.

These are short (45 mins) brutal but ‘fun’ sessions, if you struggle to get motivated in the garage, then these certainly hit the spot.

Contact John  Farmer (07919 441848) ASAP to book your place or for any reserve places that may be available


Hi all just to advise that the first season of 10 sessions, due so start at the Meres tomorrow evening (Tues 6th Nov 2018 7.45) is fully booked. To avoid any confusion here is the list of people who have paid and been allocated a seat in the pain cave, It’s going to get very sweaty!!

  • John Farmer
  • Thomas Simmons
  • Chris Bradshaw
  • Tracey George
  • Dave Bates
  • Mark Worthington
  • Dave Miller
  • Phil Gibson
  • Joshua Gibson
  • Chris Sammler
  • Joanna McGrath
  • Dave Herd
  • Jules Withington
  • Simon Cocker
  • Emma Murphy
  • Tony Mendham
  • Dave Moulds