Weekly Club Rides – Updated – 24th March 2021

Club Rides: With Covid restrictions starting to be relaxed, British Cycling have advised that from Monday 29th March their affiliated Club can organise rides or recreation programme rides for up to 15 participants (or limited to relevant leader/rider ratios), on highways, trails and tracks. Riders will be required to maintain a ‘one metre plus’ distance from others, and follow other relevant guidance on hygiene, self-sufficiency and equipment sharing.

However it is not until Monday 12th April that Pubs/Restaurants/Cafes etc can start serving groups of up to 6 seated outdoors and that rule is not further relaxed until 17th May.

In the light of this the clubs committee think that its best to stick to the 6 rider maximum group size from 29th March especially if groups are looking to stop for a takeaway café stop. This should help avoid issues for the café and also with the perception of the general public who are unlikely to be aware that cyclists are allowed to ride in larger groups, when they still limited to 6 people meeting up outdoors.

Therefore the first Sunday we can meet up is Easter Sunday 4th April 8.30 at the market place. Note some cafes could be closed as its Easter Sunday.;


Due to the latest Covid restrictions starting 5th Nov. all Club group rides are now cancelled, until these are lifted.

The current guidance from British Cycling is as follows.

  • Only ride alone, with those in your household/support bubble, or with one person from another household. If you are riding with a person from another household, you must only ever ride as a pair. For example, two riders from the same household cannot ride in a group of three with a person from another household, unless all are part of the same support bubble.
  • Stay two metres apart from anybody not from your household/support bubble.


Club Rides & Covid Regulations:

Following the 100 ride we had a discussion of interested parties, when it was agreed that we would start up Club Rides again, under the Covid restrictions that currently apply i.e all organised club rides must comply with the following.

  • When you meet up, keep in separate groups of up to 6 people
  • You must leave in groups of no more than 6 riders with a minimum of 1 minute between groups, not join up along the route and avoid mingling at café stops
  • Comply with all current English Covid regulations.
  • You should always carry a Face Mask, as this is a requirement at many Café stops.

It would also be good practice to follow these rules for private rides to avoid any issues with the public. Also remember the Police can fine you £100 if you transgress and you are also likely to invalidate any personal insurance that you may have.

Saturday Rides: Suzanne is restarting the Saturday Social rides which are generally around 30 to 40 miles, with a café stop and at a pace to suit the slowest rider. Meet at 9.00am location to be confirmed

Sunday Rides: Meet at the Market Place 8.30am for a ride around 60 miles with a café stop. With multiple groups it should be possible for a wider range of abilities to be catered for.


The intent is for Ride details to be listed on the Clubs Facebook Page calendar which will also copy to the Clubs Website calendar.

To improve communication within the club a Facebook Group has also been created that will be open to club members only, to discuss and organise rides etc and other cycling related issues. If you have not been invited, you can request access through Facebook.


Guests are welcome on all rides and you can find some useful notes in the Cycling’ section if you are new to group riding. If you enjoy your experience on club rides and become a regular participant then we expect you to become a fully paid up club member as our insurance policy only covers guests for up to 3 rides.