Witham Wheelers Cycling Club as a ‘non-profit making’ club has Public Liability Insurance for its various activities through its Affiliation to

  1. British Cycling,
  2. Cycling Time Trials
  3. CTC

This indemnifies the club in respect of its legal liability for accidental loss or damage to third party property,  or accidental bodily injury or death to third party persons. It also indemnifies club officials against claims when they are acting on the clubs specific instructions during their term of office.

What it does not do is provide individual members with any personal liability insurance.

All club members are recommended to have their own liability insurance which can probably be best done by taking out membership of one of the national cycling bodies.

British Cycling:

There are various levels of British Cycling membership the most basic that gives personal liability insurance cover and legal support for commuting and leisure is ‘Ride’ at a cost of £33 (or £29.70 if paid by direct debit).

Further details can be obtained from the BC website



They offer 3rd part liability insurance personally for £18 as long as you are a member of an affiliated club, which we are.

Further details from CTC web site